Gift for Writers: “I’d Rather Be Writing” Shirt, Designed by Walt

Writer Walt Jaschek loves writing so much, he made a shirt to declare it’s what he’d “rather” be doing. Would you rather be writing?

Hi, Writer Walt here, with a question.

Whatever it is you’re doing now…

Would you rather be writing?

I would be!

I mean, who wouldn’t?

Why would you want to be out in fresh air, walking, exploring, and being one with the universe…

When you could be inside, typing on a computer for hours?

If you’d rather be writing, tell the world with the I’d Rather Be Writing T-Shirt.

In many different styles…

It’s new in The Walt Store.

…for men, women and kids…

…in all the colors of the rainbow.

Not that you’ll see the rainbow, because you’ll be inside.


The 100% cotton I’d Rather Be Writing shirt.

Wear it. To declare it.

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