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Welcome back to my every-Wednesday collection of tips, tales and updates on my recently published writing and art. My goal: to inspire your creativity and productivity, and to make hump-days more hummable.

Opening Thoughts

Summertime and the living is ­– well, is anything easy in a global pandemic?

I am hoping you and yours are safe, prosperous and productive as we hit this weird, mid-summer, humid slog of a bog. I am writing and drawing like crazy, partially out of caffeine, partially out of maximizing time in conditioned air. My wish for you, my creative friends, is that you, too, are making an uber-cool use of all this A.C.-driven, blissful-lack-of-socializing time. Fellow artistic introverts, here’s to you!

I’ve cheered us all on before, in my article Coping in Quarantine | 13 Things To Do Hunkered Down:

“Make art. Share stories. Hit the loom. Record that song. Blog about beer. There’s a creative tribe in my life whose engines churn when they can stay in place and make. I can’t wait to see the stuff they’ll have to show for it.”

Show us your stuff, creators! I am following your blogs and social media, and am breathing it all in.

I myself am teaching myself the art of drawing superheroes again. That would have felt decadent back when I was 1000% hustling up freelance writing assignments. As I teased in a past newsletter, I’ve been working on a re-creation of Jack Kirby’s Orion from New Gods #1 (DC Comics, 1970.) Here’s where I am on it:

That new French curve I bought is getting a workout. As are those watercolors, or as I call them, “Waltercolors.” (Ba-dump-dump!)

My goal is to do one superhero re-creation per week this summer, until I get steady enough to work on my own characters again. The kitchen island easel commands!

Perhaps all this emphasis on creative productivity in a pandemic seems unrealistic to you. Perhaps you are a cacophony of competing thoughts and impulses, and are having a hard time sorting your thoughts and finding a peaceful groove this summer.

Well, I have a recommendation for that: journaling. It really, really works for me. You can read the first part in the “Featured Article” section below, and follow the link for more.

And meanwhile, mask up, but do enjoy your summer. The tomatoes are getting ripe. Clear water is flowing somewhere. The A.C. does work. And there are little delights everywhere. For example, have you seen any lightning bugs yet? The Dang Gnats have.

Dang Gnats

Be not triggered, dang gnats! (More gnatcomics here.)

There’s room for us all to grow. And glow.

Best wishes,


P.S. Keep coping.

Featured Article

Journal Your Way Sane – Or At Least Less Insane. A Recommendation from Experience

That, in turn, will give your body time to breathe.

My previously published “13 Things to Do Hunkered Down” included #5: Start Journaling!

Though I only gave journaling a few sentences there, I’m seeing vast waterfalls of worry out there – almost every drop deserved – so I’m giving this proven self-help idea a more detailed gung-ho.  

I’m a lifelong journaler and a believer in its remarkable healing effects. It alone will not get you through stress and trauma – all tools of mind and spirit you’ve built up ‘til now should be at hand. But it’s a darn good tool, and, if you want to raise concerns while lowering blood pressure, among the best.

Julia Cameron, author of creator inspiration guide The Artist’s Way (highly recommended) says:

“When we write by hand, we connect to ourselves. We may get speed and distance when we type, but we get a truer connection – to ourselves and our deepest thoughts – when we actually put pen to page.”


She’s right. It’s liberating to step away from the screen and scritch.

You do not have to be a “writer” to be a good journaler or get something out of it. You do not have to have good handwriting. (Hello, doctors!) You don’t have to know “your” from “you’re,” but while “you’re” at it, please DO. (I’ll be here all week.)

Read the rest of the article and find out how I do it.

And if so inclined:

Start scribbling.

Quote of the Week

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.

Henry Ford

See you next Wednesday, folks! Stay cool out there. Create!

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