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July 8, 2020

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Opening Comic

Walt Finds a Job Posting

What a difference a hyphen makes, eh?

I do keep one eye on LinkedIn jobs in copywriting and content creation. I say it’s to absorb opportunities for associates and former students. But it’s also a mental “What If?” (As in, “What if I was not too old to be hired for this job?”)

New Funny Video

15 Funniest Radio Ads Ever

Last week I took the 15 funniest funniest radio commercials created by Paul & Walt Worldwide and assembled them into one funny compilation video. It’s never been easier to hear these spots. From “Missing Persons” to “Vibrating Water Bed,” fans of funny audio can now just click, sit back and chortle.

Of course, the 15 individual spots, and their corresponding scripts, are still waiting for your eargasm on my post, 15 Funny Radio Commercials to Inspire More of the Same.

Both the compilation and the playlist begin with our Clio-winning “Missing Persons” spot for the TV series “Matlock.” You remember how it begins:

COP: Missing Persons.

CALLER: Missing Persons?

COP: Missing Persons.

CALLER: My wife is missing.

COP: Your wife is missing?

CALLER: My wife is missing.

NCOP: When do you last see her, sir?

Read and hear more of “Missing Persons.”

EBook in Progress

Freelancing Copywriting: How to Propser Without Pants

This is the intro and first chapter to an eBook I’m writing about freelance copywriting, a career I’ve enjoyed for 35 years. Now, I’m trying to helping other writers and creative thinkers consider it and succeed at it. The book begins:

You can make a difference with your writing powers.

You can move minds, heal hearts, invoke smiles, and sometimes unleash an unexpected laugh.

And you can make a real living at it. Not buy-a-small-country living, but buy a cool house living, and gosh darn it, aren’t all our homes our small countries?

Best of all, day and night, you can concentrate on the work, not the illusions and kabuki theatre of work, like, say, status meetings.

You know. “Huddles.”

You can stay home. And jam in your jammies.

It’s a little thing I like to call…

Copywriting freelance.

And I’m here to walk you through it.

Read more of the first chapter and learn how to prosper without pants.

Weekly Gnats

This week, Dang Gnats help us understand how to begin a bucket list.

Thanks, Dang Gnats! [More strips here.] And thanks, everybody, for coming to my first email newsletter. See you next Wednesday on the Weekly Walt!

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Next week:

See if I ink and finish this full-page, freehand rip-off of Jack Kirby’s Orion from the cover of New Gods #1. I just wish the costume had a few more doodads and thingamajigs. Where is Vince Colleta when I need him?

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