Latest Update From Walt Seems to Promote Eating Beans

Walt and Randy, Spring 2020

Walt’s Log. Stardate: 5/20/20. Possibly a Wednesday.

St. Louis County “opened up” this week. To commemorate, we are going absolutely nowhere.

I don’t want to say I’m strict about social distancing, but lately even my reflection is looking too close. Back off, old guy! And put on a mask.

We are doing well here, though. As one home-based, freelance creator and one busy retiree, our May 2020 looks pretty much like our May 2019. Only with more beans.

Randy is upcycling old t-shirts into masks; I am writing new comic series and children’s books. Rest assured, we also do #nothing.

We walk 5 miles a day through the wide, winding streets of suburbia, under remnants of old-growth forests, and every half-hour or so, we see what we remember to be a “person.”

During our walks, we stop and marvel at the exploding colors of nature. It’s called “hyper-awareness,” I think, but it might just be too much coffee.

Randy spent a night away caring for a family member. I spent it watching Clint Eastwood westerns from the 1960s. I called it my “testosterone festival,” or, for short, Test Fest.™

Together, we have found Schitt’s Creek to be a balm. Fun to sit back and watch comedy masters at work. It’s bouncier than Eugene Levy’s eyebrows. Which is to say, bouncy.

The Schitts are nothing if not resilient. And resilience, we’ve found, comes in handy. We are grateful to have spent 64 years developing a version of it.

Be well, everybody. Breathe. Talk a walk.

Have some beans.

Best wishes,

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