Mel Cool: Mall Cop™: His First Comic Adventure | A Walt Now Flashback

Comics, Creator-Owned, Humor Writing, Mel Cooll: Mall Cop

Mel Cool: Mall Cop™ was created by Walt Jaschek and Don Secrease in 1995. He starred in mini-comics and indy comics throughout the turn of the century. (The 21st century.) He beat Paul Blart to the job by decades. Here for free is his first comic adventure, “This Mall, This Menace,” as reprinted in Mel Cool: Mall Cop Collected Comics #1.

The Beginning

Created by Walt Jaschek (Script, Layouts) and Don Secrease (Pencils, Inks & Tones.) As originally published in the Mel Cool Mall Cop Mini-Comics Special, 1995. You can buy the collected Mel Cool: Mall Cop stories in a black-and-white Kindle edition on Amazon. And see why he is still the greatest hero… of the mall.

Mel Cool: Mall Cop is ™ and © Walt Now Entertainment.

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