Walt Jaschek says, “Life is worth laughing.”

Walt is a comedy writer, copywriter and actor with work in features, shorts, TV, radio and comics. His mission: “To entertain the world with smart fun.”


“Copywriters in Love” teaser trailer for upcoming series. Written and voiced by Walt Jaschek

In film, Walt is known as a spirited comic actor with appearances in:

Offices in the Raw

Sons of the Saddle

Spirits of Jupiter

Big Mistake TV campaign

Christopher McKarton: Teen Detective

Comedy writing and copywriting

As a funny marketer who knows how to build brand loyalty through humor, Walt writes:

Funny TV commercials

Funny radio commercials

For this body of advertising work, Walt was inducted in 2018 into the St. Louis Media Hall of Fame by the St. Louis Media History Foundation. Almost all of this award-winning content can be seen on Walt’s YouTube channel.

Comic Book Writing

As an indy comic book writer, he has co-created:

Mel Cool: Mall Cop

Slightly Bent Comics

Recycled Man

Dang Gnats!

The Golden Adventures of Brett Hull.


Walt is available for select comedy writing and performing opportunities. If it’s funny, or has the potential to be, he is in like Flintstones.

In all these comic roles, Walt says he can “find the funny,” meaning knowing what comedy buttons to push for audience laughter and enjoyment. “I like to think I provide smart fun,” Walt says. “Or at least a moment of existential bliss.”

Walt Jaschek Details

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Grey

Height: 5′ 10″

Specialities: Diabolical Villains, Nervous Nerds, and Spellbound Nudes.

Dialects: Copywriter; Evil Villain

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Bonus content: St. Louis Media Hall of Famer Walt Jaschek interviewed by St. Louis Media History Foundation, 2021

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