Comedy writer/actor Walt Jaschek says, “Life is Worth Laughing.”

Walt Jaschek is an American humorist and actor with comedy content in features, shorts, TV spots, radio spots and comics.

In film, Walt is known as a spirited comic actor with appearances in Offices in the Raw, Sons of the Saddle, and Spirits of Jupiter. On TV, he’s remembered for the Big Mistake campaign for KMOV-TV.

As a screenwriter, he is known for the teleplay How to Kill a Pitch, and two projects in development: Hero Nots™ and Copywriters in Love.

As an indy comic book writer, he has co-created Mel Cool: Mall Cop™, Slightly Bent Comics, Recycled Man, Dang Gnats!™ and The Golden Adventures of Brett Hull.

In his civilian identity as an advertising copywriter, he scripts funny TV and radio commercials. For this body of work, Walt was inducted in 2018 into the St. Louis Media Hall of Fame by the St. Louis Media History Foundation.

In all these comic roles, Walt says he can “find the funny,” meaning knowing what comedy buttons to push for audience laughter and enjoyment. “I like to think I provide smart fun,” Walt says. “Or at least a moment of existential bliss.”


Walt is available for select comedy writing and performing opportunities. If it’s funny, or has the potential to be, he is in like Flintstones.

Walt Jaschek Details

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Grey

Height: 5′ 10″

Specialities: Diabolical Villains, Nervous Nerds, and Spellbound Nudes.

Dialects: Copywriter; Evil Villain

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Bonus: Press Coverage of Walt Jaschek

Here are links to a few articles in the media by others about my copywriting endeavors. If you’re a potential client, they might give you confidence about my abilities. If you’re a fellow writer, they might inspire you to persevere in your own journey.

Radio’s Word Magic | Colorado Springs Sun, 1983

Positioning + Creativity + Guts = Success | Colorado Springs Business Journal, 1984

Freelance Writer Steals Show | St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1989

St. Louis V.I.P.: Jaschek Wins With Humor | Advertising Age, 1989

A Big Hand for the Little Agency | Adweek, 1989

Funny You Should Ask About Jaschek | St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1989

Walt Jaschek and His Basement Humor | St. Louis Business Journal, 1991

Paul & Walt Worldwide Converting Ears to Eyes | Call Letters Magazine

The Men Behind Radio’s Zany Commercials | Radio World, 1993

Southtown Resident Generates Worldwide Laughs | Southtown Word, 1994

One-Minute Jesters Court Laughs and Listeners | Los Angeles Radio Guide, 1994

Paul & Walt Help CBS-TV to Fall Sweeps Success | Call Letters, 1995

Green Drinks: Cold Beer, Cool Talk About the Environment | Webster Kirkwood Times, 2007

Award-Winning Copywriter “Lets Loose the Large” | UMSL Daily, 2012

Paul & Walt Inducted Into St. Louis Media Hall of Fame | Columbia Missourian, 2017

Former Current Editors Inducted Into Media Hall of Fame | UMSL Current, 2018

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Bonus content: St. Louis Media Hall of Famer Walt Jaschek interviewed by St. Louis Media History Foundation, 2021

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